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What Causes a Freezer to Stop Freezing?

Did you go to get your barbecue meat from the freezer and was met with a horrible stench instead? What a bummer! That is frustrating! Now you have to find another way to feed your anticipating guests that are eagerly waiting for the meat on your deck.

But last time you checked, the freezer was working just fine. So what happened to it all of a sudden?  What causes a freezer to stop freezing? Here are some of the most common causes of freezer malfunction as given by commercial freezer repairs

Common Causes: Quick Solutions

The Thermostat Is Not Working

This is the most common problem, but it is also the most ignored. The thermostat controls the direct voltage into the freezer system; compressor, evaporator fan motor, and condenser fan motor. If it is not correctly set or not working correctly, the freezer will obviously start to act up. 

Diagnosis: First, check if the thermostat is set to the desired temperature (Maybe the kids messed with it a little). If it is on the correct number, try rotating it from the lowest to the highest and listening for unusual sounds. 

Solution: If you hear a ‘click’ sound, the thermostat is defective and may need to be replaced. But if you are unsure, check for other indicators or maybe call in a professional. 

The Compressor Is Not Working

The compressor is the heart of the whole freezer system. It compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the evaporator and condenser coils to make cooling possible. If this part of the process is compromised, then the freezer will not freeze. 

Diagnosis: Compressor issues are easy to diagnose. First, listen carefully for any sort of unusual buzzing and clicking sound. Another option is to touch it. If it feels hot on the touch, then there is a problem. The problem could be due to the fan down by the compressor not working correctly or issues with the windings on the compressor.

Solution: This would be best left for the professional technician. 

Sealed System Leak

Although not very common, a freon bleach can occur, causing the system to lose capacity. If the refrigerant capacity is not sufficient to transfer heat efficiently, the freezer will stop freezing. 

Diagnosis: To check if this is the issue, you need to open the back panel of your freezer to check the condition of the coils. A healthy system has an evenly frosted set of coils. If you notice an uneven frost level on the coils or a large ball of ice on one part of the compartments, there is a leak. 

Solution: The obvious answer is to repair the leak and fill up the refrigeration gas. This is not a problem that you can fix on your own if you do not have the skills. Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that a certified technician should only handle. 

Condenser Coils are Dirty

Some freezers have coils that are integrated with the condenser and are located within the freezer walls – these do not need regular cleaning. However, some freezers have coils that are accessible from behind or under the unit. These types of coils easily get dirty and greasy and need to be clean once every six months or so. 

Diagnosis: Check if your freezer coil position and if they need to be cleaned. 

Solution: If the coils are the type that needs cleaning, ensure that you clean them often. If in doubt, you can always talk to a certified technician. 

Final Word

These are some of the reasons why your freezer might stop freezing, but the list is in no way exhaustive. Other causes include;

  • Condenser fan motor not working
  • Overfrosting of the evaporator coils
  • Broken start relay
  • evaporator fan motor malfunction

Some of these causes might not be very obvious and might take a trained eye to identify. Hence, if in doubt, call a  commercial appliances repair McLean professional to look at it.