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Is It Bad for AC to Run Constantly?

On those crazy hot summer days, it is normal for your AC to run longer. It might even feel like it is constantly running without cycling on and off. Sometimes you might not even notice because hell, you wouldn’t want it to stop, would you? 

According to AC repair services providers, the cycle of your air conditioner is an essential factor that you should never ignore. If the cycles run for too long and seem never to stop, it is a sign that something is wrong with your AC. In this article, we will tell you why it is bad for an AC to run constantly. 

What Causes an AC to Run Constantly

Long cycles may sometimes go unnoticed because the AC is working hard to keep the room at the desired temperature. However, this is not good because the longer the AC runs between cycles, the more energy it consumes and the higher the energy bills each month. 

So here are some of the reasons why it keeps running nonstop. 

Your AC is the wrong size.

Yes, you read that right. The AC is too small for space it is supposed to cool. If this is the case, the machine has to run constantly to keep up with the temperature needs set on the thermostat. 

This happened alot when the installation procedure is done DIY without a  consultation with a professional at-home AC expert. Homeowners just purchase and install the first AC they see in the market without understanding the needs of their home. 

Unfortunately, this leads to more wear and tear, which leads to a lot of maintenance needs. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the AC with a proper size for your home needs. 

Your AC is too old and worn out.

You are wrong if you thought you would grow old with your AC. Most ACs have a lifespan of about 15 years – at the very best. So if your AC has started running non-stop, chances are it is already old and tired – assuming that it has served for at least ten years. 

As it ages, the wear and tear over the years slow it down, and at some point, it has to work harder to give you some result. At this point, the AC will start requiring constant maintenance, costing you much more than if you were to replace it. 

So if you notice that your AC has started running constantly talk to your professional home comfort specialist to recommend the best solution. 

Technical problems

If your AC maintenance is overdue, chances are there is a technical issue that causing the AC to run constantly. Here are the possible culprits. 

Blocked airflow

Just like a human, your air conditioner needs to breathe. If there is an airflow obstruction to or from your AC, the AC will struggle to do its work. The obstacle can be a clogged air filter, closed or blocked vents, lousy motor, etc. 

Dirty evaporator coils

Refrigerant is the brain of the AC. It is the cooling gas – running through the evaporator coils and absorbing all the heat from the air in your home. This process runs efficiently when the coils are clean. However, if the coils are covered in dirt and grime, the process becomes a bit harder, and thus the AC works more challenging to do the same job. 

Not enough refrigerant

If the refrigerant is not enough, the AC will run longer to make up for the difference. The amount may run low due to a leak or not being refilled for a long time. You can check if you leak by checking for an icy build-up on your AC. 


Sometimes when it is too hot outside, your AC cycles might be longer than usual. However, if you notice that the AC is running a whole lot longer than expected, even when the weather is not too hot, then something might be wrong. 

If maintenance checks are overdue, then it is time to call in your air conditioning repair services Chantilly providers and get them to check what the problem could be.