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Is Granite Safe for Kitchen Countertops?

If you have not been living under a rock, you have probably already heard the many rumors running around that granite countertops emit radon. This radioactive gas causes lung cancer. These stories began spreading around the mainstream media a few decades ago. So it is not a new rumor.

But it is understandable that you worry and wonder whether bringing granite into your home is inviting disaster into your family. What if it causes harm to my family? You do not want to take chances, and that is why you are looking for answers. 

But what is the final verdict? Is granite safe for kitchen countertops, or is it a recipe for danger in your home? If granite is dangerous, then why has its popularity and demand steadily grown since the last decade? Let’s find out. 

Is Granite Hazardous for your Health?

First, before we even dive into whether granite is safe or not, it is essential to note that there is radioactivity all around us. Everything is radioactive – the air around us, the soil, the water, and more so the sunlight. 

Radioactivity is in anything that is transported in waves or particles. It is simply an energy that binds natural matter found on earth and even the cosmos in general. 

Now, back to granite. Like any other natural rock, granite is made from a natural process of heating and cooling of viscous magma(radioactive minerals) that only crystalizes once they reach the earth’s surface. 

However, unlike other rocks, granite tends to have a higher level of these radioactive elements. Therefore, due to the increased levels, and it tends to emit radiation directly through the surface itself or release it in the form of radon, a radioactive gas – a natural process known as radioactive decay

But this exact process is happening with almost all the other natural materials in your home. 

Are Granite Countertops Safe? 

The simple answer to this question is, YES! Your granite countertops are very safe. 

However, it is crucial to let science give the final verdict. According to the Marble Institute of  America, the level of radioactive materials in granite is not enough to pose any severe health threat.   

According to the experts, indeed, granite emits radon, a radioactive gas. But the emission is at extremely low levels that are grossly insignificant compared to the background radiation from outer space or the radioactivity seeping out from our earth’s core. 

In fact, it can’t even be compared to radiation from artificial sources like the luminous watch you are wearing or the smoke detectors in every building you get into. 

To give this fact even more tangibility, the institute says that, on average, your granite countertops emit an amount of radon that is 270,000 times less than the level of radon in the air outside. Now let that sink. 

The expert’s conclusion was very straightforward. In summary, compared to all the other radiation sources in a typical home, the radiation from granite is non-existent. 

So, do not let the rumors hinder you from enjoying your majestic, shiny, and glamorous countertops.


It is normal to worry, especially when it concerns your health and that of your family. However, we already have a verdict. You have nothing to worry about your granite countertops. You and your family are perfectly safe. 

In fact, your Bluetooth radio is much more likely to cause you harm than your exquisite countertops. Even the soil outside emits much higher levels of radon than your precious countertops. 

So, if you have been thinking about installing granite, go ahead and get in touch with a granite company Durham NC and install the countertops of your dreams.