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    Is Granite Safe for Kitchen Countertops?

    If you have not been living under a rock, you have probably already heard the many rumors running around that granite countertops emit radon. This radioactive gas causes lung cancer. These stories began spreading around the mainstream media a few decades ago. So it is not a new rumor. But it is understandable that you worry and wonder whether bringing granite into your home is inviting disaster into your family. What if it causes harm to my family? You do not want to take chances, and that is why you are looking for answers.  But what is the final verdict? Is granite safe for kitchen countertops, or is it a…

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    Laminate vs Granite Countertops – 8 Prime Differences

    So, what’s the difference between  laminate and granite countertops? Let’s know! Cost Difference When you visit a market, you will know that granite countertop companies offer a great range of cost difference between both due to the type of material and manufacturing processes used. Although granite is always costly than laminate but when you consider the quality life of your countertops then there is no question to think about it. Granite is a natural stone and hence very resistant to the scratches, burns and stains which is not the case with laminate option. So a bit higher cost for all these features totally worth giving a try. Appearance Since granite…

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    8 Best Cooking Habits From Experts

    Whether you are working on your Quartz kitchen countertops or have granite installed from the best granite countertop companies, you feel like an expert chef on these luxurious kitchen countertops. Kitchen interior tips from expert But, do you know what chefs actually do? They have certain ways of working and do it efficiently and perfectly and that is why they are experts. Below are the best cooking habits from the experts themselves. Cooking on kitchen countertops Chopping Experts use sharp knives and they are professional in cutting and chopping. You can learn these techniques by the experts themselves or from tutorials. However, one habit they have is that they always…

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