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Laminate vs Granite Countertops – 8 Prime Differences

So, what’s the difference between  laminate and granite countertops? Let’s know!

  1. Cost Difference

When you visit a market, you will know that granite countertop companies offer a great range of cost difference between both due to the type of material and manufacturing processes used. Although granite is always costly than laminate but when you consider the quality life of your countertops then there is no question to think about it. Granite is a natural stone and hence very resistant to the scratches, burns and stains which is not the case with laminate option. So a bit higher cost for all these features totally worth giving a try.

  1. Appearance

Since granite is a natural stone and no two stones are ever the same so you will find a wide range of variety in granite countertops in terms of colors and patterns. However, it is bit limited in case of laminate countertops since it is made of wood and paper which are held together with glue and resin under high pressures. Granite installers can better tell you the difference between the appearance of both as laminate surface is bit uniform and regular than granite but it is not that much resilient as granite is.

  1. Installation Process

Well laminate countertops have the edge here as they are much easier to install than granite countertops. It is because granite is very heavy due to the properties of a stone so granite installers almost takes two weeks for a complete installation. However, installing laminate countertops is much easier as well as faster process as it can be done within a day or two maximum.

  1. Under-Mounted Sinks

Under-mounted sinks are the most popular option and trendy that people look for which is easily possible with granite countertop cleaning. However, it is very difficult with laminate countertops as it doesn’t have finished edges and you usually get a drop-in sink with laminate countertops. Though you can go for under-mounted sinks in laminate countertops as well but it will cost you higher as it would require a sound and professional help for installation.

  1. Durability

As mentioned above, granite countertops have more life than laminate due to their manufacturing processes. Granite countertop companies take advantage from this feature of more durability to compete in the market. And of course, changing countertops is not something that you can do after every few months or every year so people often prefer a material which lasts longer and doesn’t require any repair or replacement in at least upcoming five years. While granite countertops can stay new for even more than ten years as it is purely a natural material so doesn’t require much maintenance.

  1. Heat Resistance

Well laminate countertops are made with glue and resin under high pressures so it may burn easily when exposed to heat. So you have to be even extra careful when you need to put any hot thing directly on your countertops. On the contrary, granite countertops don’t need this much attention and you can put anything directly on the surface without any much worries. Granite countertop companies keep this point as one of their strengths in competing market as kitchen countertop is something where people does not compromise easily.

  1. Quality Difference

Kitchen countertops means a slab where you can chop, slice, bake and make things which creates a bit of mess in your kitchen. Laminate countertop is not resistant to scratches and stains which is the biggest flaw of this material and make it unable to compete with granite countertops. As you can literally do anything with your granite countertops and there will be no damage done in the quality of your countertop. So there is no point of argument over quality of both countertops as granite being a natural stone itself defines its quality.

  1. Value Addition to Your Home

Well again granite countertops have the edge here as it adds a great value to your home as compared to laminate countertops. In fact, many granite installers first ask you if you are planning to sale your home in near future as it is the main point when you are renovating or designing your home. So always know that granite countertops add a significant increase in your property value as it gives a beautiful look to your kitchen which is also long lasting.