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How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency?

There can be a plumbing emergency any time at a home, hotel, restaurant or even in offices. As a responsible professional of drain cleaning services, the plumbers should handle the situation according to the following tips.

Moreover, these tips suggested by expert drain cleaning services are an asset for houseowners too who are in facing nay plumbing emergency.

Plumbing Emergency Types

Before we talk about the tricks, it is important to understand the examples and nature of plumbing emergency. Here we are sharing few types that will help you in handling the emergency in a better manner.

  • Extremely hot water
  • Faucet drips
  • Frozen pipes
  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking water heater
  • Plugs and clogs
  • Toilet troubles
  • Waste smells
  • Any gas leak Issue

Handling a Plumbing Emergency

Here are the tips to follow in a plumbing emergency from drain cleaning services

  1. Stay Calm

When you get the call from the owners about plumbing emergency, you should reach the spot immediately and without wasting any time. Stay calm and analyze the situation. Locate what the issue and where it is starting from. To treat a disease, you have to figure out the cause.

  1. Shut off Water

You have to do so many things simultaneously. The first thing is to shut off the water. There can be a water issue or leakage or any other problem. But anything connected with sewer system should be closed to locate the problem and fix that in a short time.

  1. Check Water Heater

As you shut off the water valve and stop water, you should also check and close the water heater suggested by experts of multiple sewer cleaning companies. After water supply has been stopped, the heater may become risky and it can get damaged. The plumbers recommend shutting it off immediately.

  1. Handle Leaks

Now you have to find where the issue is. There can be a small leakage issue or there can be even a bigger problem. You must tackle the small leaks first and head for the bigger one. Never try to fix all things at once. This will divert the attention and you may make it even worse.

  1. Open Drains

When water supply is cut to the pipes, there is still some water inside the pipes. The plumber should open the drain system and check it. There will be something inside the pipes and that should be removed. There can be problem for any other reason. The plumbers should examine the drain system and fix the issue.

What Type of Plumbing Pipe to Have?

In this section, we will check what type of plumbing pipes are available and what will be the best option for you. This guide will help you in choosing the right pipe for your home and drain systems.

  1. Copper Pipes

These metal pipes are considered really good for drain systems. They are very safe and solid. When it comes to keeping water clean, they are the best pipes and don’t pollute water at all. Reliability and durability are tested. Their also come with a warranty and offer many years of life. They can also endure extreme heat conditions and hot water.

  1. Galvanized Steel

The galvanized steel pipes are very old. They are not used nowadays. It was 1930s when they became popular and have been in use till 1980s. But the modern houses don’t use these pipes anymore. They had serious issues and cleaning was the worst thing about that. They were really heavy pipes. Installation was the hardest thing about these. Furthermore, they rusted inside and polluted the water in the pipes. This forced people to stop using the galvanized steel pipes and switch to better options.

  1. PVC Pipes

These plastic pipes are everywhere these days. They are very common for many drain works. Even people use in the streets and for toilet systems. They are very effective, lightweight, cheaper and better performing. The durability is good. They don’t get rusted or corroded. They are easy to work with and can also carry a lot of pressure. But they can’t tolerate heat and extreme temperatures.

  1. CPVC Pipes

We saw that PVC pipes are not good when it comes to heat. But these pipes are heat tolerant. They contain extra amount of chlorine inside to keep the water safe and clean. These are also very lightweight as well as inexpensive. You can easily carry them for work. They are even more flexible than PVC pipes. But they break when they get frozen.

In the end, look into sewer cleaning companies and hire the best one to do all this for you.