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Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair: Common Garbage Disposal Problems


The garbage disposal is continuously exposed to running water, dish soap, scraps of bones, food, and a lime wedge. Even if you were the one exposed to this form of abuse, you would stop working.

According to commercial garbage disposal repair professionals, garbage disposals develop a myriad of problems that you need to fix for you to continue using the appliance. The most common issues are:


A leaking garbage disposal can be a sign of a minor or severe problem. A leak can occur at the rings around the drain hole, or the unit can have a hole in the walls as a result of wearing down.

If the leak is happening at the rings around the drain hole, you only need to tighten the rings.

If the leaking is due to faulty plumber’s putty, you should re-apply it.

In rare cases, you will have leaks at the dishwasher connection and discharge drainpipes. To eliminate the leak, tighten the clamp or replace the hose.

Slaw draining

When the garbage disposal isn’t draining as effectively as it’s supposed to, you have a congested drain line. Many homeowners run for chemical drain cleaners but don’t do this as the chemicals often damage the unit.

You also end up with a sink full of toxic chemicals, and you have to clean it out.

If you are a handy person, try unclogging the garbage disposal using the good old vinegar and baking soda. If these fail, contact a professional to help you out.

Jammed garbage disposal

You are said to have a jam when the flywheel isn’t moving, and you only hear a low humming sound. Unjamming the garbage disposal depends on the type of garbage disposal you have.

Most of the units have a small slot underneath where you insert a little wrench to unjam the appliance. Garbage disposals will unjam when you use the wrench but if they fail, contact garbage disposal technicians to help you with the problem.

Garbage disposal is on but not making any sound

If you have turned on your unit, it’s not grinding, and it’s not making any sound, you have a problem.  Begin with checking whether the unit is plugged in.

If it’s plugged in, press the reset button. If still, this doesn’t fix the problem, take a look at the circuit breaker and confirm it hasn’t tripped.

Still not working? You could be having a damaged switch, or your unit might have broken altogether. Unless you are highly experienced at garbage disposal repairs, avoid trying to fix the issues—let an experienced professional handle it.

Bad odors

Bad odors from the garbage disposal mean the unit isn’t chopping up the food finely and you have drainage issues. Try to fix the problem by putting lemon peels in the unit. If the smell goes away, then comes back, the disposal isn’t swallowing and chopping up the leftovers correctly.

Sometimes you will have a strong odor that won’t go away regardless of how much you rinse it. If this is what you are experiencing, it’s a sign you have to replace the garbage disposal.

If you have had your appliance for a long time, the components in the grinding chamber might have worn out, and the blades might have got duller. Food might have been trapped inside and started decomposing.

Garbage disposal Not working after trying everything

If you have tried troubleshooting the problems and nothing seems to work, you should come to terms that the garbage disposal is too old or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Find a reputable commercial appliances repair Springfield professional who will not only help you with the installation of the new appliance but also guide you on the right appliance to go for.