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Can You Negotiate Tree Removal?

When you contact tree removal services providers to remove your dangerous tree, most will give you a standard price. If this is the first time hiring removal companies, you should know that these prices aren’t set in stone.

Can you negotiate tree removal? Yes, you can do it. But don’t wait until the tree company gets to your home to negotiate. The best way to go about it is to ask them to give you a discount on the phone. In fact, the best way to approach it is to let the company know your budget and ask them whether they can work with it.

When you are doing the negotiations, most companies will ask you several questions, such as the tree’s location, access to the tree, among many other things.

Factors that will affect the tree removal price

Access: As mentioned, this is one of the questions that the tree company will ask as there is no way they will adjust their price downward if there are bushes all over that the technicians can’t easily access the tree. On the other hand, if the tree you are looking to remove is in a clear area, most companies won’t mind giving a discount.

Hazards: Are there electricity lines close to the tree, or does the tree need special care, so it doesn’t fall on the wrong side? This will cost you more than if the tree was in an open area with no obstacles.

Additional services: Besides removing the tree, does the tree removal company need to do any other thing? If the company has to collect garbage, do pruning, or any other thing, you will have to pay them a higher price, and you can’t negotiate the price down.

Tips on how to spend less on tree removal

Besides negotiating, there are plenty of other ways you can have cheap tree removal. Some of these ways include:

Store the logs for firewood

You will spend more if the tree company provides extra services. Instead of asking the company to pick up the dense logs, cut up the logs, divide them and keep them as firewood. This way, you save on sampling removal and get some firewood.

Pull out the stump yourself.

Removing a standard stump can cost you a few hundred dollars. It’s okay to pay the amount if you have it, but what if you are operating on a tight budget?

The cool thing is there are plenty of things you can do with the stump. You can leave the stump in place, make a sculpture out of it, or rent a stump shredder and pull it out yourself.

While you will spend some money hiring a shredder, it will be much cheaper than hiring a tree company to do the work.

Handle the garbage yourself

Like log removal, the company will charge you more if they handle the garbage. To save money, let the company know that you will do the limb pruning and even cut the branches yourself.

Tree removal tips to remember.

While you want to save as much as possible, don’t attempt to remove the tree yourself, especially if the tree is large and in a risky area. Remember, you don’t have the tree removal skills, and experience and chances are high that you will cut the tree wrongly or even hurt yourself.

You also should avoid hiring an extremely cheap tree cutting services Bethesda. This is because the provider is  inexperienced and will most likely make a mistake that might cost you more money to fix. The service provider is also likely not insured, so if an accident happens, you carry the liability. And you don’t want this, do you?