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How to Build a Swimming Pool – Step By Step

If you have the money and have decided to install a swimming pool in your home, there is nothing much else to do. Proceed with your project. Unfortunately, you can’t climb the tree from the top—you have to start from the bottom. To do this, you have to follow the right steps.

To help you out, here is how to build a swimming pool—step by step as given by pool contractors:

Step 1: Choose the right pool type.

As a pool enthusiast, you know there are many types of pools to choose from. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong pool to install in your home. Your choice depends on several factors such as your budget, landscape, lifestyle, personal tastes, available space, and plenty of other things.

Two of the most popular types of pools are inground and above ground pools. It’s up to you to settle on the best one. As you choose the type of pool, think about the shape, size, and depth of pool you should go for.

Step 2: Find a pool builder.

Once you know the pool you want for your property, the next thing to do is find the person who will do the construction. While there are many pool companies, no two are the same, so you should take your time to find the right one.

Ideally, you want an experienced professional that will construct the pool and help you with ideas on how to make the pool better.

Step 3: Get permits, Engineering plans, and HOA

With a qualified professional by your side, you should get the necessary construction permits and plans that comply with the local, state, and HOA building requirements.

In most cases, it takes 2 weeks to get the permits and plans.

Step 4: Dig the pool

Once you have the right documents, begin the construction. The pool company you hired will come with big machinery and dig the area to install the pool. Unless you are installing an oversized pool, this process takes 2 days.

Once all the soil is out, the contractor will install steel in the pool. This again takes two days unless your pool is too big.

Step 5: Install the plumbing features.

Plumbing is one of the most important steps when constructing the pool. The contractor will install the circulation and main drain system, and skimmer. This is also the time to install deck jets, therapy jets, sheer descent, and other features.

A qualified professional will perform hydraulic calculations to ensure all equipment and piping are of the correct size to maintain water clarity and energy conservation.

This process’s duration depends on the size of the pool and the features you want added to your pool.

Step 6: Place pressurized concrete

Using specialized machines, the contractor will place and sculpt concrete according to your desired design. After the concrete has dried, the contractor will lay tiles and decking. The tile and decking duration is dependent on the pool’s design and size, but in most cases, it takes a week to complete.

Step 7: Finish the insides.

Using trowels, the contractors will knead the surface into the final design style. The process also involves applying a concrete coating to the walls and floor of the swimming pool. After plastering, pool buildersplace water in the swimming pool to prevent it from cracking. This process takes 3 days to complete.

Step 8: Pool testing and final deck coating

To confirm everything is running optimally, the contractor will test whether the circulating pump and other parts are working properly. The technician will also clean the pool and the deck and leave them spotless. lagrass