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How High Should Stone Veneer Be?

Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone Veneers (MSV) are taking the world by storm. And adding an exquisite touch of lightweight, durable, and versatile stone to your home interior or exterior design is the best decision you can make. 

The stone veneer is rapidly becoming more used for exterior cladding, fireplaces, and other interior accents. Homeowners are embracing stone veneer siding to give their homes a different outlook and feel. According to stone veneer contractors, the most attractive thing about the veneer is that it captures natural stone’s essence while minimizing cost, labor, and waste. 

Apart from durability, if you are using stone veneers, you might be interested in knowing how high should stone veneers be, considering how more lightweight they are than solid natural stone.

So How High Should a Stone Veneer Go When Installing?

According to the International Building Code Standards, the recommended height limit for installing a stone veneer is 10’.

As it is uncommon for the stone veneer to be installed in much taller applications like even just a one or two storey residential home, for heights greater than 10’, it is advisable to research and consult an expert for safe installation.

It is also essential to take into consideration how the wall supporting the stone veneer is constructed. The unsurpassed beauty it brings to home interiors, and exteriors merged with the additional structural strength is a good investment in upgrading your home.

Difference Between Natural and Manufactured Stone Veneer

The veneer stone industry and masonry have stepped up their game. Veneer stone has never looked this identical to real stone. In the past, you could easily distinguish manufactured veneers with the eye. Nowadays, it is hard to tell. So, how can you tell the difference?

Before I delve into their differences, both are very much similar in that they add resale value to your property for their durability and as a means of protecting a structure and making them visually attractive.

As the name suggests, natural stone siding comes from collecting genuine stones gathered and processed from quarries. With the natural color variation, making every installation subtly different, natural stone siding adds an extra aesthetic dimension and gives structural benefits to a property.

Compared to natural stone siding, manufactured stone veneer uses no actual stones, making it way lighter and easier to work with. Made from Portland cement and iron oxide pigments for coloration, the concrete accounts for its lighter weight. Manufactured stone veneer has, with time, become more prevalent in residential projects for its reasonable pricing. Since they are mass-produced, their price tags come at a slightly lower price.

Pros of Using Stone Veneer.

  • Durable With the 50+ years manufacturer’s warranty, it is a long-lasting product. Homeowners prefer it for siding. This means you do not have to change it as it can last a lifetime.
  • Pocket friendly It costs almost half the price of natural stone and requires little maintenance while still looking great and protecting your home.
  • Multipurpose You can use it in interior designing as well as outdoors. The versatile uses give homeowners numerous installation and design options. Moreover, they come in countless natural colors, shapes, and styles.
  •  Easy installation When using veneer stone, it becomes a walk in the park. You can easily install manufactured stone veneers by yourself. Depending on your project’s size and scope, you can use this relatively easy guideline if you want to install manufactured stone sliding.

Working with Stone Veneer.

As a natural stone substitute, veneer stone has limitless possibilities and uses. Apart from being used for the exterior of walls in homes and buildings, it can also be used on fireplaces, garden walls, and piers.

Depending on your project’s shape and size, you can use veneer stone almost anywhere to add an extra classic touch to your personal space. Made from light and highly durable materials, manufactured stone veneers provide homeowners with a way to express themselves and bring uniqueness.


Whether using MSV indoors or outdoors, make sure you have researched and are familiar with this building material. For that natural stone-like look with excellent design flexibility and at an affordable cost, go for veneer stone, and I guarantee you will not regret your decision. Oh…and work with expert masonry contractors.

Don’t hire inexperienced lookies that will botch your valuable investment.