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8 Essential Tree Cutting Tools

Companies which provide tree removal services contain a large number of professional tools to cut trees and to prune them. If you want to remove a tree by yourself or if you are thinking to find out local tree removal services, in both of the cases, you should know that what kind of tools will be used to remove the tree.

Tree removal tools and tree removal tips

Here is the list of tools which are needed to cut the tree with ease.

  1. Chainsaw

This is a mechanical saw which is used to cut the wood quickly. Usually, a Chainsaw works with the help of two stroke-engines and needs electricity and compressed air along with hydraulic force. Apparently, its chain looks like the chain of the bicycle and due to the chain, it rotates very fast. As its per hour mileage can be as good as 63 miles per hour, so it is one of the best saw that can be used to cut the tree.

  1. Pole Saw

If you are trying to remove the tree or tree stump by yourself then you can also use pole saw which is a comparatively smaller version of the big saw. Use of extension poles increases the reachability of pole saw as high as 12 feet. Usually, electric motors and kerosene fuel is used to operate pole saw. In addition to this, as a pole saw is very light weight, it can be carried out easily and used without feeling the strain on shoulders.

  1. Wood Chipper

This tool is quite effective in cutting the branches into small pieces which makes the dumping process easier. Wood Chippers are available in the market in two different types. If you are an individual who wants to cut the tree or the branches of the tree, you can buy a chipper which is made for personal use and if you are a professional then you should buy one which is made for industrial use. Chippers designed for personal usage are normally small in size and they can be used for small clipping jobs. On the other hand, industrial-sized chippers, which are obviously larger than the aforementioned type of chipper, are recommended for professional usage as they help in clipping the branches. Most of the tree removal services providers use this tool.

  1. Stump Grinder

Companies that provide tree removal services also use a stump grinder to remove both the tree and the stump. Especially, to remove the stump from the ground, a stump grinder is needed as the base of the tree is difficult to get removed and being a powerful tool stump grinder can fulfill the purpose. It contains a wheel cutter which is equipped with carbide and helps in cutting the stump by breaking it into small pieces.

  1. Chopping Axe

This is the old traditional tool which can be used to cut down big trees. Although it is a multipurpose tool, however, you will have to exert a little more effort to cut down the tree with the help of a traditional axe as a Chainsaw can serve this purpose in a bit easier way. If you are not experienced in cutting down the trees then cutting process becomes easy with an axe as it is not difficult to handle it.

  1. Hatchet

This is a kind of chopping axe and it is better to consider it as a portable version of axe as a hatchet helps in cutting tree limb. It is not an effective tool to cut down big trees; however, it is a handy one to chop down small trees. This tool is handy enough to help you in such a way that you do not need to search for local tree removal services providers.

  1. Cut-Resistant Gloves

This is too important to wear these gloves for safety purpose. Especially, if you are inexperienced in this field, you should never try to cut a tree by using the aforementioned tools without wearing cut-resistant gloves. In addition, these gloves do not limit the grip on the respective tool. So, do use them if you want to avoid an accident.

  1. Chainsaw Helmet

This is also needed for safety purpose as heavy branches of the tree can become a risk while cutting down a tree.

Cutting down the tree needs a large number of tools, that’s why it is better to hire local tree removal services as sometimes it becomes difficult to purchase a lot of tools.