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Grease Trap Cleaning Services: Grease Trap Maintenance Dos And Don’ts

Do you have a grease trap? It’s your responsibility to keep it in top shape. For you to have an easy time doing it, you should observe these dos and don’ts:

Don’t do it yourself

Many homeowners know they have to clean their grease traps. What do they do? To save money they would have spent hiring grease trap cleaning services providers, they opt to clean the traps by themselves.

Since they don’t have the right tools and products to clean the traps, they often end up destroying them. Many homeowners want to finish their work fast so they resort to chemicals that break down the grease and fats fast.

While the chemicals work fast, they end up damaging the traps and even the drains. So don’t use them. Instead, hire experienced grease trap cleaning professionals to inspect the traps and come up with a way of cleaning them.

Do clean the grease trap regularly

Hiring a professional to clean the trap isn’t enough. You need to ensure that the professional cleans the trap regularly. The frequency you do the cleaning depends on how busy your kitchen is.

For you to prevent the grease from getting into the sewer system and have peace of mind your lines won’t block in the near future, clean the traps at least once every three months.

Do work with experienced contractors

As mentioned above, instead of handling the maintenance work by yourself, have an experienced professional to handle it. How do you find an experienced expert? Simple.

Do you have a friend or family member that processes a lot of grease and fat? Ask them where they get their contractors.

In addition to the professional being experienced, he/she should also be insured. This way you are sure you won’t be asked to foot the bill in the event of an accident—the insurance company will handle it.

Don’t ignore grease trap problems

During your life with the grease trap, you will experience issues such as the grease trap making weird sounds and smells. What do most homeowners do when they come across these?

They dismiss them as too minor and go on with their lives as normal. Don’t do this.

It’s the small issues that get worse over time to the extent you can’t handle them any longer.

When you notice a problem with the grease trap, regardless of how minor, contact an expert and ask them to help you diagnose it.

Once you have known the source of the problem, the professional should go ahead and fix it.

Do ask the professional to perform line jetting

Line jetting is a method of cleaning the grease trap. The method gets rid of all debris from pipe walls leaving the traps as clean as a whistle.

Ask a professional to do line jetting when they are undertaking regular inspections as line jetting is a preventative grease trap maintenance move.

By undertaking line jetting, you have peace of mind that you have removed all the clogging materials hence the lines won’t clog up in the near future.

Do hire a professional that properly disposes of the grease and fats

You most likely don’t care where the contractor takes the removed grease but it’s wise you start thinking about it as you don’t want to damage the environment.

For peace of mind, work with a restaurant grease trap cleaning professional that disposes of the grease according to the state and federal regulations.

This way you will not only be keeping the sewer lines free of grease, but you also will be playing your part of making the world a better place. Before hiring the contractor, ask them how they handle the removed grease.