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Do You Need An Architect For A Pool?

Do you need an architect for a pool? In a word, yes. Pool design is a minefield of local statutes and building codes. Building a pool at home can be an excellent investment. This is because the value of your home will increase. 

However, building a pool is also an expensive exercise. Before you start the construction work, it is vital that you have plans drawn up by an architect who specializes in designing pools.

You don’t need an architect in every aspect of pool construction, but if you want your pool to look great, be safe, and have the best possible function, besides pool builders, it’s wise that you have an architect to coordinate it all. Here’s why you need one.

Strategic location

You may think that having an architect design your pool is unnecessary, but you may end up with something that you don’t really love or enjoy using without their expertise. They have a professional eye that can see things that you might not see yourself at first glance. 

It is possible to design and build your swimming pool, but the architect will determine the best location for the pool. 

This decision is crucial because it is not just about where the diving board has to be in relation to the deck; there are various other factors, including the slope of the land, what you want to use it for, is this going to be a family area or a lap pool and so on. 

The architect will also take into consideration what it will look like from both inside and outside of your home. The size of your property, how much shade you want, how much light you want, what kind of stone do you want on the decking, and so on.

Help acquire permissions

Most people would agree that when undertaking any building project, the first step is to engage the services of an experienced and qualified architect.

This will be your main point of contact, your guide through the planning process, and ultimately the person who ensures that your pool is exactly what you want.

An architect will visit your property, conduct a site survey and provide a detailed design and cost estimate. This estimate will include all aspects of construction – from foundations to equipment installation. Your architect will then oversee the planning permission process, submitting relevant documents directly to your local authority on your behalf.

This means you don’t have to worry about any correspondence or meetings with the council yourself – it’s all taken care of by your architect.

Envision your pool

Pool design is both an art and a science, and choosing the right pool requires a great deal of expertise. Trying to figure it all out on your own or with your pool contractors Long Island from start to finish can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. An architect can help you get started with a customized design or revamp of your existing pool, so you will understand how the project will look and fit into your yard.

This way, you can tweak the design to your preferences before the groundwork begins to ensure you end up with the pool of your dreams.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the answer to whether or not you need an architect is a personal preference and not a yes or no question. Feel free to tackle this project solo, but make sure you’re armed with helpful advice from the pros and a detailed plan of action before you begin. Then, go forth and build your unique pool oasis.

At the end of the day, a pool can be an architectural marvel or a nice addition to your backyard that adds value and enjoyment.