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6 Most Amazing Swimming Pools In America

Get your hands on the best pool design contractors because of the types of pools we have mentioned below will leave you wanting for one. Swimming pools are the emblem of comfort and luxury that not only add more power to your hotel but also, turn a lot of heads that prove to be a great merchandising factor.

Best pools built in America

Following are some of the best pools built in America that you surely don’t want to miss out.

Las Vegas: The Golden Nugget

The Golden is one of the most luxurious and expensive hubs in which a humungous three-story pool is situated. The pool has its own fish tank in which you will be able to find the 16 most beautiful sharks swirling around including Zebra shark, Tiger shark, Black-Tipped and 300 kinds of fish. And we haven’t really told you the best part yet! The Golden Nugget has a 30 feet water slide that takes you amidst the most beautiful creatures of the sea-world. The hub has a 21+ balcony along with cabanas made entirely private.

Dallas: The Joule

What’s better than swimming through the sky breeze in the middle of the night when the whole world goes to sleep? Situated in the centre of Dallas, this pool is enfolded among sky scrappers. Below 10 stories, you can easily witness the wonderful sight of Main Street.

Miami: Viceroy

This pool is undeniably the longest and most attractive pool in America. Thanks to pool masonry contractors, this pool is constructed with the help of two huge whirlpools, nestled among vegetation and massive condos that allow you to take in the unimaginably beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Las Vegas: Caesar’s Palace

The world knows Caesar’s Palace as The Garden of the Gods because of its magnificent and unique architecture. It comprises of seven pools, each having its own water hole and distinctive vibe. The Garden has everything that you ever wanted, you can easily spend a day or two exploring each of its pools. Don’t forget to remind your pool design contractors about this one!

Hawaii: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

This pool is naturally formed into the volcanic rock just a little distance away from the gigantic beach of Hawaii. This is something you don’t find at regular beaches and this is what makes this 1.8 million gallon pool stand out. You will find around 4000 fishes crammed inside of it making the entire vista even more desirable, what a beautiful job by its pool masonry contractors!

Wailea: Grand Wailea Resort

This resort has everything in store for families as well as adults. You will be amazed at the sight of 4 pools, interconnected with each other in an impressive fashion. The pool has a water elevator (the first ever in the world) that has grabbed tons of attention. The resort also has four slides, six incredible waterfalls, three hot tubs, caverns, a Tarzan rope swing and an infant pool. A 4,850 sq ft pool is built solely for adults, which is intricately tiled with lavish glass mosaics. The pool design contractors have made sure that the pool is nestled among soaring palm trees and cabanas.

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